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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent 2acc11d7
version <unreleased>
+ [utils] Fixup some common URL typos in sanitize_url (#15649)
* Respect --prefer-insecure while updating (#15497)
* [vidio] Fix HLS URL extraction (#15675)
+ [nexx] Add support for arc.nexx.cloud URLs
* [nexx] Switch to arc API (#15652)
* [redtube] Fix duration extraction (#15659)
+ [sonyliv] Respect referrer (#15648)
+ [brightcove:new] Use referrer for formats' HTTP headers
+ [cbc] Add support for olympics.cbc.ca (#15535)
+ [fusion] Add support for fusion.tv (#15628)
* [npo] Improve quality metadata extraction
* [npo] Relax URL regular expression (#14987, #14994)
+ [npo] Capture and output error message
+ [pornhub] Add support for channels (#15613)
* [youtube] Handle shared URLs with generic extractor (#14303)
version 2018.02.11
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