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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent 57eb45b1
version <unreleased>
+ [common] Add support for jwplayer youtube embeds
* [scrippsnetworks:watch] Fix extraction (#14389)
* [anvato] Process master m3u8 manifests
* [youtube] Fix relative URLs in description
* [spike] Bypass geo restriction
+ [howstuffworks] Add support for more domains
* [infoq] Fix http format downloading
+ [rtlnl] Add support for another type of embeds
+ [onionstudios] Add support for bulbs-video embeds
* [udn] Fix extraction
* [shahid] Fix extraction (#14448)
* [kaltura] Ignore Widevine encrypted video (.wvm) (#14471)
* [vh1] Fix extraction (#9613)
version 2017.10.12
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