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[vine] Make sure the title won't be empty

And fix a relevant TwitterCard test case
parent 9be31e77
version <unreleased>
* [vine] Make sure the title won't be empty
+ [twitter] Support HLS streams in vmap URLs
+ [periscope] Support pscp.tv URLs in embedded frames
* [niconico] Fix authentication error handling (#12486)
......@@ -91,6 +91,7 @@ class TwitterCardIE(TwitterBaseIE):
'uploader_id': '1189339351084113920',
'uploader': 'ArsenalTerje',
'title': 'Vine by ArsenalTerje',
'timestamp': 1447451307,
'add_ie': ['Vine'],
}, {
......@@ -92,10 +92,12 @@ class VineIE(InfoExtractor):
username = data.get('username')
alt_title = 'Vine by %s' % username if username else None
return {
'id': video_id,
'title': data.get('description'),
'alt_title': 'Vine by %s' % username if username else None,
'title': data.get('description') or alt_title or 'Vine video',
'alt_title': alt_title,
'thumbnail': data.get('thumbnailUrl'),
'timestamp': unified_timestamp(data.get('created')),
'uploader': username,
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