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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent 78593e29
version <unreleased>
+ [downloader/fragment] Commit part file after each fragment
+ [extractor/common] Add durations for DASH fragments with bare SegmentURLs
+ [extractor/common] Add support for DASH manifests with SegmentLists with
bare SegmentURLs (#14844)
+ [utils] Add hvc1 codec code to parse_codecs
* [xhamster] Fix extraction (#14884)
* [youku] Update ccode (#14872)
* [mnet] Fix format extraction (#14883)
+ [xiami] Add Referer header to API request
* [mtv] Correct scc extention in extracted subtitles (#13730)
* [vvvvid] Fix extraction for kenc videos (#13406)
+ [br] Add support for BR Mediathek videos (#14560, #14788)
+ [daisuki] Add support for motto.daisuki.com (#14681)
* [odnoklassniki] Fix API metadata request (#14862)
* [itv] Fix HLS formats extraction
+ [pbs] Add another media id regular expression
version 2017.11.26
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