Commit de329f64 authored by Yen Chi Hsuan's avatar Yen Chi Hsuan
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[openload] Fix extraction (closes #15166)

parent 75ba0efb
version <unreleased>
* [openload] Fix extraction (#15166)
* [] Fix extraction of some new URLs
......@@ -333,7 +333,11 @@ class OpenloadIE(InfoExtractor):
webpage, _ = phantom.get(page_url, html=webpage, video_id=video_id, headers=headers)
decoded_id = (get_element_by_id('streamurl', webpage) or
get_element_by_id('streamuri', webpage))
get_element_by_id('streamuri', webpage) or
get_element_by_id('streamurj', webpage))
if not decoded_id:
raise ExtractorError('Can\'t find stream URL', video_id=video_id)
video_url = '' % decoded_id
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