Unverified Commit db192b29 authored by Sergey M․'s avatar Sergey M․
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[yourporn] Add extractor (closes #17298)

parent 52007de8
......@@ -1424,6 +1424,7 @@ from .younow import (
from .youporn import YouPornIE
from .yourporn import YourPornIE
from .yourupload import YourUploadIE
from .youtube import (
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from .common import InfoExtractor
from ..utils import urljoin
class YourPornIE(InfoExtractor):
_VALID_URL = r'https?://(?:www\.)?yourporn\.sexy/post/(?P<id>[^/?#&.]+)'
_TEST = {
'url': 'https://yourporn.sexy/post/57ffcb2e1179b.html',
'md5': '6f8682b6464033d87acaa7a8ff0c092e',
'info_dict': {
'id': '57ffcb2e1179b',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'md5:c9f43630bd968267672651ba905a7d35',
'thumbnail': r're:^https?://.*\.jpg$',
def _real_extract(self, url):
video_id = self._match_id(url)
webpage = self._download_webpage(url, video_id)
video_url = urljoin(url, self._parse_json(
r'data-vnfo=(["\'])(?P<data>{.+?})\1', webpage, 'data info',
title = (self._search_regex(
r'<[^>]+\bclass=["\']PostEditTA[^>]+>([^<]+)', webpage, 'title',
default=None) or self._og_search_description(webpage)).strip()
thumbnail = self._og_search_thumbnail(webpage)
return {
'id': video_id,
'url': video_url,
'title': title,
'thumbnail': thumbnail,
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