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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent 721a0c3c
version <unreleased>
* [extractor/common] Improve jwplayer DASH formats extraction (#9242, #15187)
* [utils] Improve scientific notation handling in js_to_json (#14789)
+ [southparkdk] Add support for southparkstudios.nu
+ [southpark] Add support for collections (#14803)
* [franceinter] Fix upload date extraction (#14996)
+ [rtvs] Add support for rtvs.sk (#9242, #15187)
* [restudy] Fix extraction and extend URL regular expression (#15347)
* [youtube:live] Improve live detection (#15365)
+ [springboardplatform] Add support for springboardplatform.com
* [prosiebensat1] Add another clip id regular expression (#15290)
- [ringtv] Remove extractor (#15345)
version 2018.01.18
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