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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent fc5c47d1
version <unreleased>
* [downloader/fragment] Report warning instead of error on inconsistent
download state
* [downloader/hls] Fix total fragments count when ad fragments exist
* [parliamentliveuk] Fix extraction (#14524)
* [soundcloud] Update client id (#14546)
+ [servus] Add support for servus.com (#14362)
+ [unity] Add support for unity3d.com (#14528)
* [youtube] Replace youtube redirect URLs in description (#14517)
* [pbs] Restrict direct video URL regular expression (#14519)
* [drtv] Respect preference for direct HTTP formats (#14509)
+ [eporner] Add support for embed URLs (#14507)
* [arte] Capture and output error message
* [niconico] Improve uploader metadata extraction robustness (#14135)
version 2017.10.15.1
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