Unverified Commit bff857a8 authored by Sergey M․'s avatar Sergey M․
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[postprocessor/embedthumbnail] Fix issues (closes #25717)

* Fix WebP with wrong extension processing
* Fix embedding of thumbnails with % character in path
parent a31a022e
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ from ..utils import (
......@@ -41,27 +42,37 @@ class EmbedThumbnailPP(FFmpegPostProcessor):
'Skipping embedding the thumbnail because the file is missing.')
return [], info
# Check for mislabeled webp file
with open(encodeFilename(thumbnail_filename), "rb") as f:
b = f.read(16)
if b'\x57\x45\x42\x50' in b: # Binary for WEBP
[thumbnail_filename_path, thumbnail_filename_extension] = os.path.splitext(thumbnail_filename)
if not thumbnail_filename_extension == ".webp":
webp_thumbnail_filename = thumbnail_filename_path + ".webp"
os.rename(encodeFilename(thumbnail_filename), encodeFilename(webp_thumbnail_filename))
thumbnail_filename = webp_thumbnail_filename
# If not a jpg or png thumbnail, convert it to jpg using ffmpeg
if not os.path.splitext(thumbnail_filename)[1].lower() in ['.jpg', '.png']:
jpg_thumbnail_filename = os.path.splitext(thumbnail_filename)[0] + ".jpg"
jpg_thumbnail_filename = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(jpg_thumbnail_filename), os.path.basename(jpg_thumbnail_filename).replace('%', '_')) # ffmpeg interprets % as image sequence
self._downloader.to_screen('[ffmpeg] Converting thumbnail "%s" to JPEG' % thumbnail_filename)
self.run_ffmpeg(thumbnail_filename, jpg_thumbnail_filename, ['-bsf:v', 'mjpeg2jpeg'])
thumbnail_filename = jpg_thumbnail_filename
def is_webp(path):
with open(encodeFilename(path), 'rb') as f:
b = f.read(12)
return b[0:4] == b'RIFF' and b[8:] == b'WEBP'
# Correct extension for WebP file with wrong extension (see #25687, #25717)
_, thumbnail_ext = os.path.splitext(thumbnail_filename)
if thumbnail_ext:
thumbnail_ext = thumbnail_ext[1:].lower()
if thumbnail_ext != 'webp' and is_webp(thumbnail_filename):
'[ffmpeg] Correcting extension to webp and escaping path for thumbnail "%s"' % thumbnail_filename)
thumbnail_webp_filename = replace_extension(thumbnail_filename, 'webp')
os.rename(encodeFilename(thumbnail_filename), encodeFilename(thumbnail_webp_filename))
thumbnail_filename = thumbnail_webp_filename
thumbnail_ext = 'webp'
# Convert unsupported thumbnail formats to JPEG (see #25687, #25717)
if thumbnail_ext not in ['jpg', 'png']:
# NB: % is supposed to be escaped with %% but this does not work
# for input files so working around with standard substitution
escaped_thumbnail_filename = thumbnail_filename.replace('%', '#')
os.rename(encodeFilename(thumbnail_filename), encodeFilename(escaped_thumbnail_filename))
escaped_thumbnail_jpg_filename = replace_extension(escaped_thumbnail_filename, 'jpg')
self._downloader.to_screen('[ffmpeg] Converting thumbnail "%s" to JPEG' % escaped_thumbnail_filename)
self.run_ffmpeg(escaped_thumbnail_filename, escaped_thumbnail_jpg_filename, ['-bsf:v', 'mjpeg2jpeg'])
thumbnail_jpg_filename = replace_extension(thumbnail_filename, 'jpg')
# Rename back to unescaped for further processing
os.rename(encodeFilename(escaped_thumbnail_jpg_filename), encodeFilename(thumbnail_jpg_filename))
thumbnail_filename = thumbnail_jpg_filename
if info['ext'] == 'mp3':
options = [
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