Unverified Commit bfe2b8cf authored by Sergey M․'s avatar Sergey M․
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[update] Fix updating via symlinks (closes #23991)

parent 82fea5b4
......@@ -3009,6 +3009,7 @@ __all__ = [
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ import subprocess
import sys
from zipimport import zipimporter
from .compat import compat_realpath
from .utils import encode_compat_str
from .version import __version__
......@@ -84,7 +85,9 @@ def update_self(to_screen, verbose, opener):
print_notes(to_screen, versions_info['versions'])
# sys.executable is set to the full pathname of the exe-file for py2exe
filename = sys.executable if hasattr(sys, 'frozen') else sys.argv[0]
# though symlinks are not followed so that we need to do this manually
# with help of realpath
filename = compat_realpath(sys.executable if hasattr(sys, 'frozen') else sys.argv[0])
if not os.access(filename, os.W_OK):
to_screen('ERROR: no write permissions on %s' % filename)
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