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[ChangeLog] Actualize

[ci skip]
parent e0d42dd4
version <unreleased>
* [downloader/rtmp] Generalize download messages and report time elapsed
on finish
* [downloader/rtmp] Gracefully handle live streams interrupted by user
* [teamcoco] Fix extraction for full episodes (#16573)
* [spiegel] Fix info extraction (#16538)
+ [apa] Add support for apa.at (#15041, #15672)
+ [bellmedia] Add support for bnnbloomberg.ca (#16560)
+ [9c9media] Extract MPD formats and subtitles
* [cammodels] Use geo verification headers
+ [ufctv] Add support for authentication (#16542)
+ [cammodels] Add support for cammodels.com (#14499)
* [utils] Fix style id extraction for namespaced id attribute in dfxp2srt
* [soundcloud] Detect format extension (#16549)
* [cbc] Fix playlist title extraction (#16502)
+ [tumblr] Detect and report sensitive media (#13829)
+ [tumblr] Add support for authentication (#15133)
version 2018.05.26
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