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[ChangeLog] Actualize

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parent 9d74ea6d
version <unreleased>
* [extractor/common] Use compat_etree_Element
+ [compat] Introduce compat_etree_Element
* [extractor/common] Fallback url to base URL for DASH formats
* [extractor/common] Do not fail on invalid data while parsing F4M manifest
in non fatal mode
* [extractor/common] Return MPD manifest as format's url meta field (#20242)
* [utils] Strip #HttpOnly_ prefix from cookies files (#20219)
* [francetv:site] Relax video id regular expression (#20268)
* [toutv] Detect invalid login error
* [toutv] Fix authentication (#20261)
+ [urplay] Extract timestamp (#20235)
+ [openload] Add support for oload.space (#20246)
* [facebook] Improve uploader extraction (#20250)
* [bbc] Use compat_etree_Element
* [crunchyroll] Use compat_etree_Element
* [npo] Improve ISM extraction
* [rai] Improve extraction (#20253)
* [paramountnetwork] Fix mgid extraction (#20241)
* [libsyn] Improve extraction (#20229)
+ [youtube] Add more invidious instances to URL regular expression (#20228)
* [spankbang] Fix extraction (#20023)
* [espn] Extend URL regular expression (#20013)
* [sixplay] Handle videos with empty assets (#20016)
+ [vimeo] Add support for Vimeo Pro portfolio protected videos (#20070)
version 2019.03.01 version 2019.03.01
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