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[ChangeLog] Actualize

[ci skip]
parent 4fe54c12
version <unreleased>
+ [test/helper] Add support for maxcount and count collection len checkers
* [downloader/hls] Fix uplynk ad skipping (#18824)
* [postprocessor/ffmpeg] Improve ffmpeg version parsing (#18813)
* [youtube] Skip unsupported adaptive stream type (#18804)
+ [youtube] Extract DASH formats from player response (#18804)
* [funimation] Fix extraction (#14089)
* [skylinewebcams] Fix extraction (#18853)
+ [curiositystream] Add support for non app URLs
+ [bitchute] Check formats (#18833)
* [wistia] Extend URL regular expression (#18823)
+ [playplustv] Add support for playplus.com (#18789)
version 2019.01.10
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