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[ChangeLog] Actualize

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version <unreleased>
+ Recognize file size strings with full unit names (for example "8.5
+ Support m3u8 manifests in HTML5 multimedia tags
* Fix js_to_json(): correct octal or hexadecimal number detection
* Improve formats and subtitles extension auto calculation
+ Recognize full unit names in parse_filesize
+ Add support for m3u8 manifests in HTML5 multimedia tags
* Fix octal/hexadecimal number detection in js_to_json
+ [ivi] Add support for 720p and 1080p
+ [charlierose] Add new extractor (#10382)
* [1tv] Fix extraction (#9249)
* [twitch] Renew authentication
* [kaltura] Improve subtitles extension calculation
+ [zingmp3] Add support for video clips
* [zingmp3] Fix extraction (#10041)
* [kaltura] Improve subtitles extraction (#10279)
* [cultureunplugged] Fix extraction (#10330)
+ [cnn] Add support for money.cnn.com (#2797)
* [cbsnews] Fix extraction (#10362)
* [cbs] Fix extraction (#10393)
+ [litv] Support 'promo' URLs (#10385)
* [snotr] Fix extraction (#10338)
* [n-tv.de] Fix extraction (#10331)
* [globo:article] Relax URL and video id regular expressions (#10379)
version 2016.08.19
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