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[soundcloud] Reduce pagination limit to fix 502 Bad Gateway errors when...

[soundcloud] Reduce pagination limit to fix 502 Bad Gateway errors when listing a user's tracks. (#26557)

Per the documentation here https://developers.soundcloud.com/blog/offset-pagination-deprecated the maximum limit is 200, so let's respect that (even if a higher value sometimes works).

Co-authored-by: tfvlrue <tfvlrue>
parent d51e23d9
......@@ -558,8 +558,10 @@ class SoundcloudSetIE(SoundcloudPlaylistBaseIE):
class SoundcloudPagedPlaylistBaseIE(SoundcloudIE):
def _extract_playlist(self, base_url, playlist_id, playlist_title):
# Per the SoundCloud documentation, the maximum limit for a linked partioning query is 200.
# https://developers.soundcloud.com/blog/offset-pagination-deprecated
'limit': 80000,
'limit': 200,
'linked_partitioning': '1',
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