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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent 361f293a
version <unreleased>
[YoutubeDL] Return early when extraction of url_transparent fails
* [rai] Fix and improve extraction (#11790)
+ [vrv] Add support for series pages
* [limelight] Improve extraction for audio only formats
* [funimation] Fix extraction (#10696, #11773)
+ [xfileshare] Add support for vidabc.com (#12589)
+ [xfileshare] Improve extraction and extract hls formats
+ [crunchyroll] Pass geo verifcation proxy
+ [cwtv] Extract ISM formats
+ [tvplay] Bypass geo restriction
+ [vrv] Add support for vrv.co
+ [packtpub] Add support for packtpub.com (#12610)
+ [generic] Pass base_url to _parse_jwplayer_data
+ [adn] Add support for animedigitalnetwork.fr (#4866)
+ [allocine] Extract more metadata
* [allocine] Fix extraction (#12592)
* [openload] Fix extraction
version 2017.03.26
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