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[ChangeLog] Actualize

[ci skip]
parent c3e54389
version <unreleased>
* [extractor/common] Use episode name as title in _json_ld
+ [extractor/common] Add support for movies in _json_ld
* [postprocessor/ffmpeg] Embed subtitles with non-standard language codes
+ [utils] Add language codes replaced in 1989 revision of ISO 639
to ISO639Utils (#18765)
* [youtube] Extract live HLS URL from player response (#18799)
+ [outsidetv] Add support for outsidetv.com (#18774)
* [jwplatform] Use JW Platform Delivery API V2 and add support for more URLs
+ [fox] Add support National Geographic (#17985, #15333, #14698)
+ [playplustv] Add support for playplus.tv (#18789)
* [globo] Set GLBID cookie manually (#17346)
+ [gaia] Add support for gaia.com (#14605)
* [youporn] Fix title and description extraction (#18748)
+ [hungama] Add support for hungama.com (#17402, #18771)
* [dtube] Fix extraction (#18741)
* [tvnow] Fix and rework extractors and prepare for a switch to the new API
(#17245, #18499)
* [carambatv:page] Fix extraction (#18739)
version 2019.01.02
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