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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent ab19b46b
version <unreleased>
+ Add _get_netrc_login_info
* [mofosex] Extract all formats (#10335)
+ [generic] Add support for vbox7 embeds
+ [vbox7] Add support for embed URLs
+ [viafree] Add extractor (#10358)
+ [mtg] Add support for viafree URLs (#10358)
* [theplatform] Extract all subtitles per language
+ [xvideos] Fix HLS extraction (#10356)
+ [amcnetworks] Add extractor
+ [bbc:playlist] Add support for pagination (#10349)
+ [fxnetworks] Add extractor (#9462)
* [cbslocal] Fix extraction for SendtoNews-based videos
* [sendtonews] Fix extraction
* [jwplatform] Now can parse video_id from JWPlayer data
* [jwplatform] Extract video id from JWPlayer data
- [zippcast] Remove extractor (#10332)
+ [viceland] Add extractor (#8799)
+ [adobepass] Add base extractor for Adobe Pass Authentication
* [life:embed] Improve extraction
* [vgtv] Detect geo restricted videos (#10348)
+ [uplynk] Add extractor
* [xiami] Fix extraction (#10342)
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