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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent f19eae42
version <unreleased>
+ Introduce --http-chunk-size for chunk-based HTTP downloading
+ Add support for IronPython
* [downloader/ism] Fix Python 3.2 support
* [redbulltv] Fix extraction (#15481)
* [redtube] Fix metadata extraction (#15472)
* [pladform] Respect platform id and extract HLS formats (#15468)
- [rtlnl] Remove progressive formats (#15459)
* [6play] Do no modify asset URLs with a token (#15248)
* [nationalgeographic] Relax URL regular expression
* [dplay] Relax URL regular expression (#15458)
* [cbsinteractive] Fix data extraction (#15451)
+ [amcnetworks] Add support for sundancetv.com (#9260)
version 2018.01.27
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