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[ChangeLog] Actualize

[ci skip]
parent ce0edda0
version <unreleased>
* [downloader/rtmp] Fix downloading in verbose mode (#16736)
+ [markiza] Add support for markiza.sk (#16750)
* [wat] Try all supported adaptive URLs
+ [6play] Add support for rtlplay.be and extract hd usp formats
+ [rtbf] Add support for audio and live streams (#9638, #11923)
+ [rtbf] Extract HLS, DASH and all HTTP formats
+ [rtbf] Extract subtitles
+ [rtbf] Fixup specific HTTP URLs (#16101)
+ [expressen] Add support for expressen.se
* [vidzi] Fix extraction (#16678)
* [pbs] Improve extraction (#16623, #16684)
* [bilibili] Restrict cid regular expression (#16638, #16734)
version 2018.06.14
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