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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent bf87c36c
version <unreleased>
* [utils] Handle compat_HTMLParseError in extract_attributes (#13349)
+ [compat] Introduce compat_HTMLParseError
* [utils] Improve unified_timestamp
* [extractor/generic] Ensure format id is unicode string
* [extractor/common] Return unicode string from _match_id
+ [YoutubeDL] Sanitize more fields (#13313)
+ [xfileshare] Add support for rapidvideo.tv (#13348)
* [xfileshare] Modernize and pass Referer
+ [rutv] Add support for testplayer.vgtrk.com (#13347)
+ [newgrounds] Extract more metadata (#13232)
+ [newgrounds:playlist] Add support for playlists (#10611)
* [newgrounds] Improve formats and uploader extraction (#13346)
* [msn] Fix formats extraction
* [turbo] Ensure format id is string
* [sexu] Ensure height is int
* [jove] Ensure comment count is int
* [golem] Ensure format id is string
* [gfycat] Ensure filesize is int
* [foxgay] Ensure height is int
* [flickr] Ensure format id is string
* [sohu] Fix numeric fields
* [safari] Improve authentication detection (#13319)
* [liveleak] Ensure height is int (#13313)
* [streamango] Make title optional (#13292)
* [rtlnl] Improve URL regular expression (#13295)
* [tvplayer] Fix extraction (#13291)
version 2017.06.05
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