Unverified Commit 8cd809fb authored by Jan 'Yenda' Trmal's avatar Jan 'Yenda' Trmal Committed by Sergey M․
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[nova:embed] Fix extraction (closes #23672)

parent d6aa1db7
......@@ -43,6 +43,13 @@ class NovaEmbedIE(InfoExtractor):
formats = []
for format_id, format_list in bitrates.items():
if format_id == 'hls':
m3u8_url = url_or_none(format_list)
if not m3u8_url:
m3u8_url, video_id, ext='mp4', m3u8_id='hls', fatal=False))
if not isinstance(format_list, list):
for format_url in format_list:
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