Unverified Commit 86b7c00a authored by Ori Avtalion's avatar Ori Avtalion Committed by GitHub
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[downloader/http] Retry download when urlopen times out (#26603) (refs #10935)

parent e8c5d40b
......@@ -106,7 +106,12 @@ class HttpFD(FileDownloader):
set_range(request, range_start, range_end)
# Establish connection
ctx.data = self.ydl.urlopen(request)
ctx.data = self.ydl.urlopen(request)
except (compat_urllib_error.URLError, ) as err:
if isinstance(err.reason, socket.timeout):
raise RetryDownload(err)
raise err
# When trying to resume, Content-Range HTTP header of response has to be checked
# to match the value of requested Range HTTP header. This is due to a webservers
# that don't support resuming and serve a whole file with no Content-Range
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