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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent d92cb463
version <unreleased>
+ Add support for TV Parental Guidelines ratings in parse_age_limit
+ Add decode_png (#9706)
+ Add support for partOfTVSeries in JSON-LD
* Lower master M3U8 manifest preference for better format sorting
+ [discoverygo] Add extractor (#10245)
* [flipagram] Make JSON-LD extraction non fatal
* [generic] Make JSON-LD extraction non fatal
+ [bbc] Add support for morph embeds (#10239)
* [tnaflixnetworkbase] Improve title extraction
* [tnaflix] Fix metadata extraction (#10249)
* [fox] Fix theplatform release URL query
* [openload] Fix extraction (#9706)
* [bbc] Skip duplicate manifest URLs
* [bbc] Improve format code
+ [bbc] Add support for DASH and F4M
* [bbc] Improve format sorting and listing
* [bbc] Improve playlist extraction
+ [pokemon] Add extractor (#10093)
+ [condenast] Add fallback scenario for video info extraction
version 2016.08.06
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