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[ChangeLog] Actualize

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......@@ -2,11 +2,21 @@ version <unreleased>
* Don't raise an error if JWPlayer config data is not a Javascript object
literal. _find_jwplayer_data() now returns a dict rather than an str.
literal. _find_jwplayer_data now returns a dict rather than an str. (#12307)
* Expand environment variables for options representing paths (#12556)
+ [utils] Introduce expand_path
* [downloader/hls] Delegate downloading to ffmpeg immediately for live streams
* [afreecatv] Fix extraction (#12179)
+ [atvat] Add support for atv.at (#5325)
+ [fox] Add metadata extraction (#12391)
+ [atresplayer] Extract DASH formats
+ [atresplayer] Extract HD manifest (#12548)
* [atresplayer] Fix login error detection (#12548)
* [franceculture] Fix extraction (#12547)
* [youtube] Improve URL regular expression (#12538)
* [generic] Do not follow redirects to the same URL
version 2017.03.24
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