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[ChangeLog] Actualize

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version <unreleased>
Fixed/improved extractors
- [cbslocal] Fix timestamp parsing (#10213)
* Add support for JSON-LD root list entries (#10203)
* Improve unified_timestamp
* Lower preference of RTSP formats in generic sorting
+ Add support for multiple properties in _og_search_property
* Improve password hiding from verbose output
+ [adultswim] Add support for trailers (#10235)
* [archiveorg] Improve extraction (#10219)
+ [jwplatform] Add support for playlists
+ [jwplatform] Add support for relative URLs
* [jwplatform] Improve audio detection
+ [tvplay] Capture and output native error message
+ [tvplay] Extract series metadata
+ [tvplay] Add support for subtitles (#10194)
* [tvp] Improve extraction (#7799)
* [cbslocal] Fix timestamp parsing (#10213)
+ [naver] Add support for subtitles (#8096)
* [naver] Improve extraction
* [condenast] Improve extraction
* [engadget] Relax URL regular expression
* [5min] Fix extraction
+ [nationalgeographic] Add support for Episode Guide
+ [kaltura] Add support for subtitles
* [kaltura] Optimize network requests
+ [vodplatform] Add extractor for vod-platform.net
- [gamekings] Remove extractor
* [limelight] Extract HTTP formats
* [ntvru] Fix extraction
+ [comedycentral] Re-add :tds and :thedailyshow shortnames
version 2016.08.01
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