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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent ff17be3a
version <unreleased>
+ [extractor/common] Extract height and format id for HTML5 videos (#14034)
* [downloader/http] Rework HTTP downloader (#506, #809, #2849, #4240, #6023,
#8625, #9483)
* Simplify code and split into separate routines to facilitate maintaining
* Make retry mechanism work on errors during actual download not only
during connection establishment phase
* Retry on ECONNRESET and ETIMEDOUT during reading data from network
* Retry on content too short
* Show error description on retry
* [generic] Lower preference for extraction from LD-JSON
* [rai] Fix audio formats extraction (#14024)
* [youtube] Fix controversy videos extraction (#14027, #14029)
* [mixcloud] Fix extraction (#14015, #14020)
version 2017.08.23
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