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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent cc9c8ce5
version <unreleased>
* Make --metadata-from-title non fatal when title does not match the pattern
* Introduce options for randomized sleep before each download
--min-sleep-interval and --max-sleep-interval (#9930)
* Respect default in _search_json_ld
* [kuwo:singer] Fix extraction
+ [uol] Add extractor for uol.com.br (#4263)
* [rbmaradio] Fix extraction and extract all formats (#10242)
+ [sonyliv] Add extractor for sonyliv.com (#10258)
* [aparat] Fix extraction
* [cwtv] Extract HTTP formats
+ [rozhlas] Add extractor for prehravac.rozhlas.cz (#10253)
* [kuwo:singer] Fix extraction
version 2016.08.07
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