Commit 57935b25 authored by Yen Chi Hsuan's avatar Yen Chi Hsuan
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[extractor/common] Allow HTML5 unquoted attribute values

Fixes #7108

HTML5 allows unquoted attribute values. See the "Unquoted attribute value
syntax" section [1] for more information

parent 54a54285
......@@ -646,7 +646,7 @@ class InfoExtractor(object):
def _og_regexes(prop):
content_re = r'content=(?:"([^>]+?)"|\'([^>]+?)\')'
property_re = r'(?:name|property)=[\'"]og:%s[\'"]' % re.escape(prop)
property_re = r'(?:name|property)=[\'"]?og:%s[\'"]?' % re.escape(prop)
template = r'<meta[^>]+?%s[^>]+?%s'
return [
template % (property_re, content_re),
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