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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent 475bcb22
version <unreleased>
* [YoutubeDL] Make sure format id is not empty
* [extractor/common] Make _family_friendly_search optional
* [extractor/common] Respect source's type attribute for HTML5 media (#13892)
* [pornhub:playlistbase] Skip videos from drop-down menu (#12819, #13902)
+ [fourtube] Add support pornerbros.com (#6022)
+ [fourtube] Add support porntube.com (#7859, #13901)
+ [fourtube] Add support fux.com
* [limelight] Improve embeds detection (#13895)
+ [reddit] Add support for v.redd.it and reddit.com (#13847)
* [aparat] Extract all formats (#13887)
* [mixcloud] Fix play info decryption (#13885)
+ [generic] Add support for vzaar embeds (#13876)
version 2017.08.09
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