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[ChangeLog] Actualize

[ci skip]
parent ce2fe4c0
version <unreleased>
+ [extractor/common] Move workaround for applying first Set-Cookie header
into a separate _apply_first_set_cookie_header method
* [safari] Fix authentication (#21090)
* [vk] Use _apply_first_set_cookie_header
* [vrt] Fix extraction (#20527)
+ [canvas] Add support for vrtnieuws and sporza site ids and extract
AES HLS formats
+ [vrv] Extract captions (#19238)
* [tele5] Improve video id extraction
* [tele5] Relax URL regular expression (#21020, #21063)
* [svtplay] Update API URL (#21075)
+ [yahoo:gyao] Add X-User-Agent header to dam proxy requests (#21071)
version 2019.05.11 version 2019.05.11
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