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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent 3d7e3aaa
version <unreleased>
+ [utils] Introduce get_elements_by_class and get_elements_by_attribute
utility functions
+ [extractor/common] Skip m3u8 manifests protected with Adobe Flash Access
* [pluralsight:course] Fix extraction (#12075)
+ [bbc] Extract m3u8 formats with 320k audio
* [facebook] Relax video id matching (#11017, #12055, #12056)
+ [corus] Add support for Corus Entertainment sites (#12060, #9164)
+ [pluralsight] Detect blocked account error message (#12070)
+ [bloomberg] Add another video id pattern (#12062)
* [extractor/commonmistakes] Restrict URL regular expression (#12050)
+ [tvplayer] Add support for tvplayer.com
version 2017.02.10
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