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[YoutubeDL] Add support for playlist_uploader and playlist_uploader_id in...

[YoutubeDL] Add support for playlist_uploader and playlist_uploader_id in output template (closes #11427, #15018)
parent 07aeced6
......@@ -539,6 +539,8 @@ The basic usage is not to set any template arguments when downloading a single f
- `playlist_index` (numeric): Index of the video in the playlist padded with leading zeros according to the total length of the playlist
- `playlist_id` (string): Playlist identifier
- `playlist_title` (string): Playlist title
- `playlist_uploader` (string): Full name of the playlist uploader
- `playlist_uploader_id` (string): Nickname or id of the playlist uploader
Available for the video that belongs to some logical chapter or section:
......@@ -975,6 +975,8 @@ class YoutubeDL(object):
'playlist': playlist,
'playlist_id': ie_result.get('id'),
'playlist_title': ie_result.get('title'),
'playlist_uploader': ie_result.get('uploader'),
'playlist_uploader_id': ie_result.get('uploader_id'),
'playlist_index': i + playliststart,
'extractor': ie_result['extractor'],
'webpage_url': ie_result['webpage_url'],
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