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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent ac9c69ac
version <unreleased>
* Introduce --keep-fragments for keeping fragments of fragmented download
on disk after download is finished
* [YoutubeDL] Fix output template for missing timestamp (#12796)
* [socks] Handle cases where credentials are required but missing
* [extractor/common] Improve HLS extraction (#12211)
- Extract m3u8 parsing to separate method
- Improve rendition groups extraction
- Build stream name according stream GROUP-ID
- Ignore reference to AUDIO group without URI when stream has no CODECS
- Use float for scaled tbr in _parse_m3u8_formats
* [utils] Add support for TTML styles in dfxp2srt
* [downloader/hls] No need to download keys for fragments that have been
already downloaded
* [downloader/fragment] Improve fragment downloading
- Resume immediately
- Don't concatenate fragments and decrypt them on every resume
- Optimize disk storage usage, don't store intermediate fragments on disk
- Store bookkeeping download state file
+ [extractor/common] Add support for multiple getters in try_get
+ [extractor/common] Add support for video of WebPage context in _json_ld
+ [extractor/common] Relax JWPlayer regular expression and remove
duplicate URLs (#12768)
* [iqiyi] Fix extraction of Yule videos
* [vidio] Improve extraction and sort formats
+ [brightcove] Match only video elements with data-video-id attribute
* [iqiyi] Fix playlist detection (#12504)
- [azubu] Remove extractor (#12813)
* [porn91] Fix extraction (#12814)
* [vidzi] Fix extraction (#12793)
+ [amp] Extract error message (#12795)
+ [xfileshare] Add support for gorillavid.com and daclips.com (#12776)
* [instagram] Fix extraction (#12777)
+ [generic] Support Brightcove videos in <iframe> (#12482)
+ [brightcove] Support URLs with bcpid instead of playerID (#12482)
* [brightcove] Fix _extract_url (#12782)
+ [odnoklassniki] Extract HLS formats
version 2017.04.17
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