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[ChangeLog] Actualize

[ci skip]
parent 93bb6b1b
version <unreleased>
* [utils] Improve int_or_none and float_or_none (#20403)
* Check for valid --min-sleep-interval when --max-sleep-interval is specified
+ [weibo] Extend URL regular expression (#20496)
+ [xhamster] Add support for xhamster.one (#20508)
+ [mediasite] Add support for catalogs (#20507)
+ [teamtreehouse] Add support for teamtreehouse.com (#9836)
+ [ina] Add support for audio URLs
* [ina] Improve extraction
* [cwtv] Fix episode number extraction (#20461)
* [npo] Improve DRM detection
+ [pornhub] Add support for DASH formats (#20403)
* [svtplay] Update API endpoint (#20430)
version 2019.03.18
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