Unverified Commit 1c112040 authored by Sergey M․'s avatar Sergey M․
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[tf1] Improve extraction and fix issues (closes #21372)

parent 9c2aaac2
......@@ -2,8 +2,7 @@
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from .common import InfoExtractor
from ..utils import js_to_json
from ..compat import compat_str
class TF1IE(InfoExtractor):
......@@ -62,23 +61,32 @@ class TF1IE(InfoExtractor):
def _real_extract(self, url):
video_id = self._match_id(url)
webpage = self._download_webpage(url, video_id)
vids_data_string = self._html_search_regex(
webpage, 'videos data string', group='vids_data_string', default=None)
wat_id = None
if vids_data_string is not None:
vids_data = self._parse_json(
vids_data_string, video_id,
video_data = [v for v in vids_data.values()
if 'slug' in v and v['slug'] == video_id]
if len(video_data) > 0 and 'streamId' in video_data[0]:
wat_id = video_data[0]['streamId']
if wat_id is None:
data = self._parse_json(
r'__APOLLO_STATE__\s*=\s*({.+?})\s*(?:;|</script>)', webpage,
'data', default='{}'), video_id, fatal=False)
if data:
wat_id = next(
for key, video in data.items()
if isinstance(video, dict)
and video.get('slug') == video_id)
if not isinstance(wat_id, compat_str) or not wat_id.isdigit():
wat_id = None
except StopIteration:
if not wat_id:
wat_id = self._html_search_regex(
webpage, 'wat id', group='id')
return self.url_result('wat:%s' % wat_id, 'Wat')
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