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[giga] Add extractor (Closes #4090)

parent f8bb576c
......@@ -159,6 +159,7 @@ from .gametrailers import GametrailersIE
from .gdcvault import GDCVaultIE
from .generic import GenericIE
from .giantbomb import GiantBombIE
from .giga import GigaIE
from .glide import GlideIE
from .globo import GloboIE
from .godtube import GodTubeIE
# coding: utf-8
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import itertools
from .common import InfoExtractor
from ..utils import (
class GigaIE(InfoExtractor):
_VALID_URL = r'https?://(?:www\.)?giga\.de/(?:[^/]+/)*(?P<id>[^/]+)'
_TESTS = [{
'url': '',
'md5': '6bc5535e945e724640664632055a584f',
'info_dict': {
'id': '2622086',
'display_id': 'anime-awesome-chihiros-reise-ins-zauberland-das-beste-kommt-zum-schluss',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'Anime Awesome: Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland – Das Beste kommt zum Schluss',
'description': 'md5:afdf5862241aded4718a30dff6a57baf',
'thumbnail': 're:^https?://.*\.jpg$',
'duration': 578,
'timestamp': 1414749706,
'upload_date': '20141031',
'uploader': 'Robin Schweiger',
'view_count': int,
}, {
'url': '',
'only_matching': True,
}, {
'url': '',
'only_matching': True,
}, {
'url': '',
'only_matching': True,
def _real_extract(self, url):
display_id = self._match_id(url)
webpage = self._download_webpage(url, display_id)
video_id = self._search_regex(
[r'data-video-id="(\d+)"', r'/api/video/jwplayer/#v=(\d+)'],
webpage, 'video id')
playlist = self._download_json(
% video_id, video_id)[0]
quality = qualities(['normal', 'hd720'])
formats = []
for format_id in itertools.count(0):
fmt = playlist.get(compat_str(format_id))
if not fmt:
'url': fmt['src'],
'format_id': '%s-%s' % (fmt['quality'], fmt['type'].split('/')[-1]),
'quality': quality(fmt['quality']),
title = self._html_search_meta(
'title', webpage, 'title', fatal=True)
description = self._html_search_meta(
'description', webpage, 'description')
thumbnail = self._og_search_thumbnail(webpage)
duration = parse_duration(self._search_regex(
r'(?s)(?:data-video-id="{0}"|data-video="[^"]*/api/video/jwplayer/#v={0}[^"]*")[^>]*>.+?<span class="duration">([^<]+)</span>'.format(video_id),
webpage, 'duration', fatal=False))
timestamp = parse_iso8601(self._search_regex(
r'datetime="([^"]+)"', webpage, 'upload date', fatal=False))
uploader = self._search_regex(
r'class="author">([^<]+)</a>', webpage, 'uploader', fatal=False)
view_count = str_to_int(self._search_regex(
r'<span class="views"><strong>([\d.]+)</strong>', webpage, 'view count', fatal=False))
return {
'id': video_id,
'display_id': display_id,
'title': title,
'description': description,
'thumbnail': thumbnail,
'duration': duration,
'timestamp': timestamp,
'uploader': uploader,
'view_count': view_count,
'formats': formats,
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