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[ChangeLog] Actualize

parent 3c3a07ee
version <unreleased>
* [extractor/common] Improve _json_ld for articles
* Switch codebase to use compat_b64decode
+ [compat] Add compat_b64decode
+ [seznamzpravy] Add support for seznam.cz and seznamzpravy.cz (#14102, #14616)
* [dplay] Bypass geo restriction
+ [dplay] Add support for disco-api videos (#15396)
* [youtube] Extract precise error messages (#15284)
* [teachertube] Capture and output error message
* [teachertube] Fix and relax thumbnail extraction (#15403)
+ [prosiebensat1] Add another clip id regular expression (#15378)
* [tbs] Update tokenizer url (#15395)
* [mixcloud] Use compat_b64decode (#15394)
- [thesixtyone] Remove extractor (#15341)
version 2018.01.21
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