Unverified Commit 00d798b7 authored by Sergey M․'s avatar Sergey M․
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[teachable] Add support for multiple videos per lecture (closes #24101)

parent fda6d237
......@@ -160,8 +160,8 @@ class TeachableIE(TeachableBaseIE):
webpage = self._download_webpage(url, video_id)
wistia_url = WistiaIE._extract_url(webpage)
if not wistia_url:
wistia_urls = WistiaIE._extract_urls(webpage)
if not wistia_urls:
if any(re.search(p, webpage) for p in (
r'>\s*Lecture contents locked',
......@@ -174,12 +174,14 @@ class TeachableIE(TeachableBaseIE):
title = self._og_search_title(webpage, default=None)
return {
entries = [{
'_type': 'url_transparent',
'url': wistia_url,
'ie_key': WistiaIE.ie_key(),
'title': title,
} for wistia_url in wistia_urls]
return self.playlist_result(entries, video_id, title)
class TeachableCourseIE(TeachableBaseIE):
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